Here are some answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about our online game "Klondike Solitaire". If you cannot find the answer to your question here, use our contact form. Please note that this page relates only to the game published on this website, and does not concern the game provided by Microsoft under Windows ("Microsoft Solitaire Collection").

How are points counted?

You earn points when:

  • you flip over a tableau's card: +10 points
  • you move a card from the reserve to the tableau: +10 points
  • you place a card in one of the foundations: +15 points
  • if you win several games in a row, multiply your score by the number of games won!
    Example: if you win 4 games in a row, the score of your last game is multiplied by 4!

You lose points when:

  • you move a card from foundations to the tableau: -5 points
  • you undo your last move: -15 points
  • if you double-click (or double-tap) on a card when there are no moves possible: -20 points
The layout of Klondike Solitaire (tableau, reserve, foundations)

Is each game winnable?

The cards are randomly dealt at the beginning of each game. Even if you play perfectly, you won't win every time. klondike Solitaire is also based on luck... The average win rate is about 33% (one in three games).

Why were my statistics reset?

Your personal game statistics (number of games played, number of games won, average win rate, etc.) are recorded locally in the cache folder of your device's internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. ). If your internet browsing history is erased (manually or automatically) the Solitaire statistics will also be deleted.

Is there a way to reset statistics ?

if you want to reset game statistics, just click here!

The game isn't working on my device.

Our card game requires navigation software that is compatible with HTML5 technology. Your internet browser's version must be recent. If you use Internet Explorer, it must be at least version 9. If your browser is old, update it (if possible) or install one of the following (Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS ou Android):

The loading wheel is spinning indefinitely and the game does not start

  • Delete your software's browsing history
    Go to your browser's options, and select "Delete browsing history". For an iPhone/iPad, go to "Settings", then "Safari" and "Clear History". For Internet Explorer, press the Control (Ctrl), Shift, and R keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • Refresh the page
    For Google Chrome and Firefox running on Windows, simultaneously press the Control (Ctrl), Shift and R keys on your keyboard. For Opera running on Windows, simultaneously press the Control (Ctrl) and R keys on your keyboard. For Internet Explorer, press the Control (Ctrl), Shift, and R keys on your keyboard simultaneously. For a mobile or tablet, select "Refresh" in the menus or options, or use the ↺ key.
  • Update your browser or install another one
    If after deleting the history and updating the page, klondike Solitaire still hasn't loaded, try updating your browser or install a similar one (see above).

I can't place a king on an empty cell of the tableau

Yes, in some cases (card moved with the mouse), placing a king doesn't always work the first time :-( We are currently working on this problem and will fix it as soon as possible... In the meantime, try moving the king several times in a row, or double click on the king to automatically move it.

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